Most Companies struggle with the lease administration process. For many, success is defined by meeting the minimum requirement of collecting rent; anything else is considered a bonus. The only option for increasing performance means hiring additional people until all goals are acheived. Until recently, landlords and tenants lacked a viable alternative to in-house lease administration. Grant & Lewis was founded with the intent of filling this void, based on the principale that efficient lease administration creates a competitive advantage in the real estate life-cycle. By offering a higher quality of lease administration at a reduced cost, Grant & Lewis can provide your company with a competitive advantage.

At Grant & Lewis we believe that most companies would benefit from utilizing an outsource company for the majority of their lease administration needs, however we also recognize that many companies simply want to keep lease administration in house. That's why we've designed a few services aimed at meeting those company's varied needs:

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Commercial projects are traditionally valued based on the cash flow that they produce. Only an increase in rents, a decrease in operating expenses, or the reduction of management costs, result in an increase in cash flow and the subsequent value of the property.


Time is money. For many decision makers, the time spent managing lease administrators is tiem that could be used mroe wisely to uncover new opportunities with new or existing assets.


To build a high performing lease administration department requires a significatn investment and the loss of trained personnel can be crippling. Outsourcing to a specialized firm eliminates this operational risk and can ensure that an expert is always available.


Why invest time and money on a process, system and people that underperform and expose you to operational risks? Investing in a partnership with a specialist firm continually pays dividends. Through the constant investment in technology and processes, specialist firms can ensure that the quality and performance of their services are always best-in-class.

  • Invoicing & Collection of Rent
  • Collection of Gross Sales Statements
  • Calculation & Invoicing of Percentage Rent
  • Collection & Review of Insurance Certificates
  • Collection of Promotional Fees & Review of Advertising
  • Common Area, Insurance & Tax Expense Reconciliations
  • Expense Reviews & Dispute Resolution