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Get the Most Out of Your Investments

Grant & Lewis is the preferred choice among discerning real estate investors, and for good reason. We’re the only lease administration company that exclusively manages commercial leases, saving you time, money and headaches.

87% of Your Tenants Use Experts

The other side is one step ahead of you. They’re working hard to make sure they maximize their commercial lease, and lower their costs at your expense.

Tenants take advantage of landlords who are poor at lease administration. Leveraging lease language in drawn out disputes can cost you precious time, and lost rental income. Isn’t it about time to fight fire with fire?

Protect Your Assets With Experts of Your Own

With your own experts, you’ll be able to manage your real estate portfolio more efficiently, and enhance its value. We’ve read and audited thousands of commercial leases, and can help you mitigate risk, optimize your portfolio, and enhance the value of your properties.

Good help is hard to find. Grant & Lewis was founded in 2013 to fill the void in superior commercial lease management at an affordable cost.

We’re dedicated to providing you with the expertise you need, whether as your sole lease administration team or a trusted backup.

Commercial Lease Administration Made Easy

Relax. We’ve Got This!

Lease administration is complicated. But it doesn’t need to be. At Grant & Lewis, our mission is to streamline and simplify your daily commercial lease activities. We’ve invested substantial time and effort into developing the most effective lease administration process on the market.

What’s the key to our success? Our commercial lease administration services provide a critical foundation for cost savings initiatives, risk mitigation, strategic portfolio optimization, and offer actionable solutions to supercharge your investments. By partnering with Grant & Lewis, we’ll function as a seamless, knowledgeable extension of your in-house team. We’ll keep tabs on all the details of your leases to avoid costly oversights, and give you more time to focus on what you do best -- running your business.

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Key Performance Indicators.

(Ensure that your lease administration is up to standards)


Number of Leases
The ratio of leases to lease administrators is the quickest way to judge the efficiency of a department. The greater the number of leases handled per administrator, the lower the transaction cost will be.


Annual Expense Reconciliation Margin
The margin between the true and the billed CAM expense in an indicator of how accurately a lease administration program is to handle evolving maintenance and service costs.


Expense Recovery Rate
The percentage of total operating expenses recovered from tenants is a good determinant of how well a lease administration program handles disputes and recoveries.

Is Your Lease Administration Department Underperforming?

The great news is you have a large portfolio of commercial leases. The not-so-great news is your successful portfolio comes with a high volume of lease transactions, which need to be accurately tracked and abstracted to ensure critical data is not overlooked. So who can you turn to for the most trusted help? The reality is that becoming an expert at lease administration is not an easy task. It takes years to learn how to accurately read and interpret lease language, and understand the subtle  complexities of commercial leases. Mismanagement can cost you millions of dollars in assets, lost opportunities, revenue and tenants.

Grant & Lewis was founded with the intent of filling this void, based on the principle that efficient commercial lease administration creates a competitive advantage in the real estate life-cycle. To date, we’ve assessed the accuracy, performance and integrity of thousands of leases for our world class clients. By leveraging decades of experience, we’re always on top of evolving market conditions, reporting requirements, and system changes to enhance reale state asset-level performance.

Why invest time and money on a lease administration service that underperforms and exposes you to costly operational risks? By offering the highest quality of commercial lease administration at an affordable cost, Grant & Lewis can provide your business with a superior competitive advantage.

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The Workforce is Jumping Ship.
Is Your Business Prepared?

Breaking up is hard to do. We get it. But in these challenging times, it’s a risky venture if you don’t prepare for the worst case scenario. Not only are you depending on less qualified in-house staff for your lease administration, they’re literally holding you hostage. If your employees walk for whatever reason, your business will be up the creek without a paddle. Why not consider Grant & Lewis as your most trusted and reliable back up? For a small investment of time and money, you’ll gain complete peace of mind that whatever happens, you’ll always have superior lease administration in place.

A Surefire Way to Lose Millions
in Asset Value

Real estate is dynamic, and constantly evolving. Without expert lease administration, the financial consequences to your portfolio can be devastating. So what can possibly go wrong with poor lease administration? Spoiler alert: Plenty!

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Percentage Rent

Don't let missed opportunities compound into lost revenue.

Case Study
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Tax Exclusion

Read about how we saved our client from a 6-figure tax liability.

Case Study
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Name a More Experienced Commercial Lease Administration Service.

We’ll Wait.

Why is Grant & Lewis trusted by more world class real estate managers? Simple. Since 2013, we’ve been maximizing the return of investment real estate through the most effective administration of commercial leases. You’ll rest easy knowing you’re partnering with the best in the industry. Our expert team of lease administrators work tirelessly to optimize your portfolio, grow your net operating income, lower costs, mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and provide innovative solutions that increase your bottom line.

By combining years of proven experience helping investors manage their portfolios, with
our customized cutting-edge software, Grant & Lewis provides innovative solutions
designed to get the most out of your real estate investments.

Make Money. Save Time. Mitigate Risk.

Lease Abstracts, Lease Research and Due Diligence

Today, commercial lease agreements are more complex and varied than ever before. At Grant & Lewis, we believe that the first line of defense against the pitfalls inherent in leases is an expertly prepared abstract.
Whether you just need a quick abstract, or many abstracts quickly, our highly experienced team is ready to provide the information you need. Starting from a customized abstract plan, we’re carefully review each lease so you can make decisions with confidence.

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Superior Lease

When you lack your own team, or you want more experienced administrators than your in-house staff, we’ve got you covered. Our knowledgeable team offers the scalability and unmatched expertise you need for success. You’ll rest easy knowing you don’t have to manage in-house lease administrators or worry about turnover.

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Process and System

You may have your own expert lease administration team, but want help with increasing their output, reducing the risk of costly errors, resolving tenant disputes, providing lease research or more, our consulting service provides targeted solutions to help your team operate more efficiently.

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Need More Convincing?
Here’s What Our Clients are Saying…

Laura W.

President, Real Estate Development

"I really enjoy working with the team at Grant & Lewis. I like having an expert team at my disposal who is very knowledgeable about commercial real estate and has read as many leases as their team has. I also love not worrying about the little details since their team takes care of them."

Janice B.

VP, Accounting & Finance, Restaurant

"Grant & Lewis has been great to work with.  They keep track of our important information and provide great advice in difficult situations. It is comforting to know they are tracking the details to ensure we are paying only what we have agreed to."

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